It's more fun in the Philippines

Philippines is a country of 7,641 islands. The archipelago of islands is approximately 800 kilometers of distance between Taiwan and the island of Borneo. With around 300,000 square kilometers of land makes the Philippines the 5th largest island country in the world. Exploring the Philippines will mostly require hopping from island to island by land, air, and boat. Expect seeing some of the most beautiful beaches and limestone karst mountains peeking out of the pacific ocean almost everywhere you venture. Popular destinations within the Philippines include Boracay, El Nido, Coron, Puerto Princesa, Manila, Cebu, Siargao, Balabac, Siquijor, and many more. The Philippines was Spanish Colonized from 1565 to 1898 and you will see influences throughout the country in the form of street names, city names, building and even cuisine. The people of the Philippines have a chill island vibe, and they are very happy people.

Philippines Quick Information

  • Currency

    Philippine Peso

  • Launguge


  • Population

    106 million

  • English Speaking

    5.3 out of 10

  • LGBT Friendly?

    Very Friendly

  • Internet Speeds

    22 Mbps Low Speeds

  • Visa

    Visa free for some countries

  • Cars & Motorbikes

    Cars 40% Motorbikes 40%

  • Bus and Trucks

    20% of traffic

  • Taxi & Rideshare

    Grab in some areas

  • Taxi/Rideshare Cost

    $3 USD per 5K (150 PHP)

  • Scooter Day Rental Cost

    $10-12USD (500-600 PHP)

  • Temperatures

    31 C / 88 F average

  • Dry Season

    October to May

  • Rain Season

    June to August

  • Humidity

    High Levels

  • Attire

    Light and Casual

  • Power

    220v AC Type A,B,C

  • Local Meals

    $3-6 USD (150-300 PHP)

  • Western Meal

    $4.50-10.60 (225-500 PHP)

  • Pizza Slice

    $1-$4 USD (50-200 PHP)

  • Artisan Coffee

    $2.50 USD (125 PHP)

  • Sim Card 4GB

    $12 USD (600 PHP) month

  • Accommodation per night

    $10-50 USD (600-2500 PHP)

Kayangan Lake viewpoint overlooking aqua green bay in Coron Philippines

El Nido vs Coron, which is better?

A guide on helping you decide which destination to choose Coron or El Nido. My take on the pros and cons of each, and a decisive opinion on which is my pick Coron or El Nido and which I think is better.

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