Dee Doke Waterfall


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Dee Doke Waterfall

Dee Doke is a small waterfall with a series of two Blue Lagoon swimming pools located about an hour away from Mandalay. The turquoise blue water is colored by the rich minerals in the water being reflected when the sun hits it. The refreshing water is a great way to cool off in the hot Myanmar weather.

Renting a scooter

If your comfortable with riding a scooter this will be the most economical way to get there. Asking your hotel or guesthouse is probably the easiet way to find a motorbike you can rent. Expect to pay  10k - 15k MMK ($7-11 USD)

Grab is a popular rideshare app in Myanmar similar to Uber The most expensive way to get there will cost around 120K ($87 USD) oneway.  But you will want to arrange to see if you can pay the driver to wait while you swim because it will be hard to find a taxi going back because the area is very remote.

Grab Taxi

Book a tour

If you are a group of 3 or more it might be a good cost savings to book a guided tour. offers a guided tour to Dee Doke along with some other Mandalay Sightseeing.

Get on Route 3 (Mandalay-Lashio Rd) going South

Directions from Mandaly

Dee Doke

Depending on your starting point on Route 3 After around 10-20 km you will pass trough a toll area on Route 3 going South Look for the Full Max Petrol on the Righthand side after going thru the toll and Turn Right on the road directly before Full Max Petrol See arrow below.

Dee Doke

Stay on this unamed road for approximately 21 km. Note Google Maps shows a location for Doke Dee Elaphant Camp (This location is actually around 5 km before the Dee Doke Waterfall) The Red Square signifies approximately where Doke Dee Waterfall is.

Dee Doke

Look for

the 20km marker

These are located on the right side ever couple of kilometers Dee Doke Entrance will be on the Left inbetween 20km and 22km markers

Entrance to Dee Doke

There are no signs to the entrance of Dee Doke Waterfalls. But this is what the entrance looks like. Turn into this dirt road and follow until it ends a couple hundred meters

There is no anmission fee but there is usually an attendent that will charge for parking your bike.  Cost should be less than 500 MMK ($0.37 USD)

Park your bike

The Hike

Hike up the trail is a relatively easy 20 minute hike. You will come to a split in the trail. If you take the Left it goes to the lower swiming pond with a small water fall If you go Right it goes to the upper lagoon swimming are. Both are well worth checing out.