35 Best Gifts for Travelers

35 Best Gifts for Travelers 2021 and Beyond!

Are you searching for the perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one who loves to travel? This list of 35 Best Gifts for Travelers 2021 and beyond will help guide you. There are highs and lows of traveling. From long layovers at the airport, to being in remote destination without conveniences like laundry machines. That’s why being able to adapt is so key with traveling. The more you travel the more you begin to realise what is actually important to bring. This gift for travelers list is a practical guide and the recommendations are based on items I personally own and use, or could see myself buying. You will find travel gifts for him, travel gifts for her, and travel gifts for any type of traveler. Unique and useful gifts that most travelers would love to have.

35 Best Gifts for Travels 2021
Tesalate Sandfree Beach Towel

Everyone needs a great beach towel, right? Well these Tesalate beach towels are not your average beach towel. They are made of from a special durable fabric that wicks away water, and best of all keeps the sand from sticking to it. Not only do they come in different beautiful designs to fit any style, they are less bulky than normal beach towels. This makes them a great travel gift that also helps them save valuable luggage space. Tesalate just released a new Antibacterial Workout Towel, that would also be a great travel gift. They also offer gift cards, and ship worldwide. By far my favorite towel I have ever owned.

For those Pina Colada by the beach moments there’s no better way to kick things up a notch than with music. This portable bluetooth speaker is also IPX7 waterproof which makes it great for relaxing by the pool. Get a full days worth of continuous music with the 5200mAh Li-ion battery. Anker is well known for there battery tech and they build quality products. Give this gift to a person who enjoys music.

This adapter works in over 150 different countries. I have personally never been in a country that this thing didn’t work. Also the convenience of having 4  Smart USB port means you can charge multiple devices using one power outlet. Which is actually great in airports with limited outlets. This adapter will allow you share your USB ports and make some new friends. What I really love about this adapter is that the actual plugs slide into the device for easier storage. This is a must have gift for any traveler.

While this laptop bag won’t prevent theft of the actual bag itself, it will deter others from going inside of your bag. With a built in lock you can rest at ease in crowded places and keep your laptop,tablet and other devices secure. It also has a hidden pocket to store items like your passport. Minimal unisex styling also does not bring a lot of attention. Conveniently has a luggage belt built in so you can slide it onto the handle of your rolling luggage.

These lightweight dry bags are great for keeping your electronics dry in wet weather conditions. If you have ever traveled to Thailand during monsoon season you will know exactly what I mean by that. The weather in most of Southeast Asia can be very unpredictable. One minute it could be sunny, and the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs. While these particular types of dry bags are not meant to be submerged in water, they are lighter are more compact than the standard heavy duty PVC ones.

For the adventure traveler that needs a more heavy duty dry bag. These PVC type dry bags are more ideal for kayaking, SUPs, rafting and other water activities. The PVC fabric makes them less prone to getting punctured. When rolled up correctly with air inside they will float. The connected straps are also an added benefit to keeping them secured to your body, and the phone case is added bonus. Plus this model has loops on the closing clips you can lock together with the TSA Combo lock mentioned below.

These TSA approved travel locks can be used to lock together two zippers on bags, and also be used on most hostel lockers. TSA is able to open them with a special key rather than having to take the bolt cutters to them, if they need to inspect inside your bag. I always carry three with me when traveling and use them on every trip. With a combination there is no key to lose. Another great tip is to use them to lock up things in your dry bag if you ever go on a snorkeling boat tour with lots of people onboard.

Sony’s WH1000 series wireless bluetooth headphones have been highly rated since their inception. These are great when you are on a plane to drown out noise, and I use them all the time when working on my laptop to help me focus. They are by far the best headphones I have ever owned and I use them daily even when I’m not traveling. They come with a handy case, airline double prong adapter, and are more comfortable than earbuds.

When traveling you are always trying to get more space out of your luggage. The way these work is you add your clothes to the bags, zip them up, and roll out all the air. By rolling them the air is released out of these special flaps that let air out, but keeps the air from coming back into the bags. This allows you you compress your clothes saving valuable luggage space. What makes them so handy is that you don’t need a vacuum to use them, making them a great gift for frequent travelers wanting to save space.

Staying in hostels and nightlife districts can get noisy with party goers and loud snorers. Unlike the foam ear plugs that constantly fall out of your ear when your sleeping, these can be perfectly formed to the shape of your ear. Best of all is they will block out all the sound and you’ll sleep like a baby. They are also comfortable and after a couple minutes you barely notice them in your ear. These are a great gift for a backpacker who constantly stays at hostels. 

Nowadays many credit cards have contactless payment capabilities. While that makes them very convenient, it also makes them equally convenient for card skimmers. If you do a search on Youtube you’ll find a bunch of videos showing you how easy thieves can skim your credit cards wirelessly in crowded places like airports. These RFID blocking wallets will prevent those types of things from happening. The Fossil Bifold RFID Wallet is also a good gift choice for travelers looking for a smaller wallet.

With a 1000mAh Li-ion you can get 2.6 full charges on an iPhone XS. The form factor is very similar to a smart phone in both thickness and size making it easy to charge your phone while in your pocket. Anker battery tech is top notch and has features that help keep your devices safe, all while being able to charge your devices quickly.

Obviously you can use Google Translate on most smartphones to translate different languages provided you have a data plan in the country you are visiting. The downfall is that it’s not always that practical in real life. It requires you to fumble through your phone to find the app, then navigate to the correct section for speech translation. With the Pocketalk, once you set the languages you want to translate it’s as easy as pressing a button. It does require a data plan, but comes with a 2 year plan out of the box. This makes for a great travel gift for anyone that wants an easy to use translater.

This collapsible BPA free water bottle is a perfect gift for the traveler who loves to hike. Easily roll it up when not in use and pack away saving space in luggage. Many other colors to choose from to fit anyone’s style. Leak proof, and also comes with a wrist strap. Dish washer safe and safe to use with hot drinks.

This battery powered electronic sonic smart toothbrush comes with a travel case and can connect to an app via bluetooth. The app intends to encourage better brushing and even shows your brushing coverage. The app also incentivises  you with reward points you can use to redeem additional toothbrush heads. This is great gift for the traveler that wants to keep their teeth looking clean. They also have a rechargeable version that is a little bulkier, cost a little more, and requires a charging dock.

A travel gift for those that experience major jet lag but want to take a holistic approach in fighting the symptoms. These jet lag chewable tablets are formulated with herbs and claim to help with jet lag, fatigue, dehydration, and leg and feet discomfort. From their travel test, 75% of users said it was helpful in combating symptoms of jet lag. I have purchased these before and taken them on multiple flights. In my experience I feel they helped with jet lag, but to to be honest with you I couldn’t tell if maybe it was just a placebo effect. I still recommend them because at the very least they are an inexpensive stocking stuffer, and worth a try.

There is nothing worse than taking a trip only to be bedridden with a cold because your immune system was lacking. I always take Emergen-C a couple of days before a flight, on the flight, and throughout my trip to give my immune system a boost. These powder pack are easy to travel with and are not that bad tasting at all. These are also a great gift for travelers who might not think of trying them otherwise.

Keeping hydrated while traveling is always key. Whether you get dehydrated for having a wild night out, hiking in hot weather, or getting a bit of Bali Belly aka Montezuma’s Revenge. Stomach viruses are never fun, I can contest to that. While there are some stomach viruses that will require serious medicine, chances are you will be depleted of electrolytes after all said and done. Having these handy will save you from having to search for gatorade or other special drinks to replenish electrolytes while  trying to recover, and will also act as a good hangover remedy.

Travelan is a dietary supplement that promotes a healthy digestive system. This is helpful in avoiding stomach problems when traveling to countries with undrinkable water and lower standards of hygiene. After I bad stomach virus I got in Beijing, I found this product at my local travel vaccination office and decided to give it a try. I started taking the tablets before and while in Bali for three months and I did not experience any serious issues. All though I can’t be absolutely positive if me avoiding any problems can be attested to the Travelan, I do feel like it helped, and worth the cost to be as safe as possible.

When hiking in remote areas sometimes the only option for water is a lake or river. The life straw can filter out up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water without using any chemicals. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. The Lifestraw is a great gift for travelers that love to hike in remote parts of the world.

When traveling abroad you will start to notice that clothes drying machines are considered a luxury and in many countries it’s still very common to hang dry your clothes. In smaller accommodations they may not have clotheslines, so you will find yourself drying clothes on any place you can hang things from. While you can often find laundromats to do your laundry, your options may be limited in smaller towns. When traveling light with less clothes it is often times easier to do small loads in the sink and hang dry. That’s why these portable clotheslines are a super handy gift for any traveler.

We’ve all been there, you’ve packed to many things in your luggage so you are trying to take out things from one piece of luggage to put them in another to get your luggage weight down. These digital scales are small and lightweight allowing you to weigh luggage by attracting the loop to your luggage handle any using gravity. This saves you the embarrassment of being that person in line at the ticket counter holding up the line.

A GoPro is an excellent gift for a traveler who likes to capture their adventures. The video quality and stabilization in the GoPro Hero 9 is outstanding. Waterproof up to 33ft out of the box makes them great for snorkeling and diving. There is a screen on both the back and front for when you are in selfie mode. The available attachments for GoPro’s make them easily adaptable to any mounting situation.

For travelers that want to bring their own lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and other liquid toiletries these travel bottles are perfect. TSA approved, leak free, and BPA free silicone design makes them easy to clean and squeeze. The colors will help your differentiate what’s inside of them. While you can buy toiletries in other countries you may not be able to find specific brand you use for your skin and hair regiments. These make for a great and economical travel gift or stocking stuffer.

Close-toe hiking sandals will come in handy in rocky terrains. They will keep your toes and soles safe from roughed edges, all while allowing your feet to breath a little bit. Give this travel gift to anyone into nature and exploring. These Chaco’s can be used for day hiking and as water sandals. Available in multiple colors and also available in a women’s version.

Great for light day trails and water activities. Lightweight and sturdy build quality, and adjustable straps make for a perfect fit. While a little more pricey than some other brands Chaco is a great company and their products stand the test of time. Available in multiple colors and  women’s version. A great travel gift for him or her.

UIN is a Spanish company with beautiful and unique designed footwear. With a wide variety of styles and models to choose from make these travel gifts perfect for someone that wants to express their own style. These comfortable slip on loafers are great for flights and casual strolls in a new city. They offer both men’s and women’s models.

Unique designed water shoes are great for swimming in areas with rocky floors. They are both comfortable and economical. Designed to be easily packable, anti-slip soles, fast drying and lightweight. Great for yoga, beaches, swimming, and light activities. Available for in both men’s and women’s sizes, as well as kid’s versions.

Travel pillows are a great gift for long haul travel. The downside is there’s no one sizes fits all travel pillow. I personally prefer a cane style pillow like the Travelrest Pillow. They might be weird looking but they are very portable and can be rolled up to a very compact size, and I like the versatility. But some people prefer more of a neck pillow style. Finding a perfect travel may be an endless endeavor so make sure to get a gift receipt.

A gift for travelers that like to keep track of where they are going. Easily scratch off countries you have traveled to revealing where you’ve been. While not a travel gift to bring with you on your journey, these are a really popular travel gift. 

The Wanderings leather travel journal is a refillable journal with durable real leather. Great for the artistic traveler who like to sketch or write down their thoughts. Also available in different sizes for all types of travelers. A gift that is built to last.

A gift for the traveler who wants to keep up with their favorite streaming services. If you have ever tried to watch your favorite Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or HBO show online in a different country chances are you will get a message that says “Sorry but this service is not available in this region”. This generally happens because there are strict content restrictions based on your geolocation. The way around this is to use a VPN service that allows you to trick the streaming service into thinking you are logging in from a different location. A VPN will also act as an extra security layer when using public wifi.

Gifting a Kindle Unlimited Subscription comes in 6,12,or 24 months.  Kindle Unlimited will work on any device that has the Kindle App, which is just about any device from iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, Kindle Fires, and more. With unlimited reading on more than 1 million titles from books, magazines, and even some books with audible narration, makes a great gift for traveler who love to read.

Audible Audiobooks are great for long flights, and train rides. With thousand of Audiobooks to choose from and downloadable audiobooks, podcast, and originals. Great for the traveler who enjoys listening to knowledge based or entertaining audio content. You can gift a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year subscription.

These puffer jackets are water resistant, light, and will compress for packing, making them a great travel gift. They are available in multiple colors and also offer them for men. True to fit, and warm. A very inexpensive gift for the build quality.

35 Best Gifts for Travelers 2021 Closing Words

Choosing gifts for a traveler can be challenging, of coarse gift cards will be the easy way out. But finding a gift that you think someone will like is part of the fun of giving. The person receiving the gift may get something that they never thought they would need. Part of traveling is discovering new things and experiences. As you travel you figure out your essential travel needs, things you can’t travel without, and things that are actually very helpful. I hope you will find the perfect gift for a traveler that they will not be able to travel without.

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35 Best Gifts for Travels 2021
35 Best Gifts for Travels 2021
35 Best Gifts for Travels 2021

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