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Thailand is a Kingdom country in Southeast Asia formerly known as Siam. With a wide range of mountain jungles to beautiful beaches and island it’s no wonder why Thailand has been a hot destination for many years. While tourism growth will always bring higher cost, Thailand still remains relatively cheap compared to many Western travel destinations. Bordering Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia makes Thailand a great starting point when visiting Southeast Asia. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that was not colonized by European powers. Besides the wonderful beaches, there are great temples, wildlife and nature to explore in Thailand. The people of Thailand are also very friendly and hospitable making for a great travel destination.

Singapore Quick Information

  • Currency

    Thai Baht

  • Launguge


  • Population

    69.4 Million

  • English Speaking

    3 out of 10

  • LGBT Friendly?


  • Internet Speeds

    172 Mbps Excellent

  • Visa

    30 days for 64 countries

  • Cars & Motorbikes

    Cars 40% Motorbikes 40%

  • Bus and Trucks

    10% of traffic

  • Taxi & Rideshare

    Grab ,Taxi, Tuk Tuk

  • Taxi/Rideshare Cost

    $1.2 USD per 2K (35 Baht)

  • Scooter Day Rental Cost

    $6.30 USD/day (200 Baht)

  • Temperatures

    30C / 87 F average

  • Dry Season

    November to February

  • Rain Season

    March to October

  • Humidity

    High Levels

  • Attire


  • Power

    230v AC Type A,B,C

  • Local Meals

    $2-4 USD (62-125 THB)

  • Western Meal

    $5-10 USD (156-300 THB)

  • Beer

    $1.60-3.84 USD (50-120 THB)

  • Artisan Coffee

    $1.44 USD (45 THB)

  • Sim Card 30GB

    $18 USD (562 THB) 15 days

  • Accommodation per night

    $4-100 USD (125-3000 THB)

Railay Beach West row of long tail boats in morning

Getting to Railay Beach from Ao Nang : Krabi, Thailand Guide

Getting to Railay Beach from Ao Nang is really straight forward. Railay is a small peninsula in Krabi province of Thailand popular for its beautiful beaches and only accessible by boat due to large limestone cliffs separating it from the mainland of Krabi. The easiest way to get there is by longtail boat from Ao

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