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Cambodia is a mostly rural country in between Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Phnom Penh the Capital city is the largest and most modern in Cambodia. Further North in Siem Reap is where you will find the infamous Angkor Wat, once the Capital of the Khmer Empire. Cambodia is a country with beautiful temples, people, and a checkered history worth knowing about. Besides the must visits Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, consider exploring Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville Beach,Cardamom Mountains, Kampot, and Mondulkiri.

Cambodia Quick Information

  • Currency

    Cambodian Riel & US Dollar

  • Launguge

    Khmer Language

  • Population

    15 million

  • English Speaking

    6 out of 10

  • LGBT Friendly?


  • Internet Speeds

    21 Mbps Low Speeds

  • Visa

    Visa on arrival for most countries

  • Cars & Motorbikes

    Cars 40% Motorbikes 40%

  • Bus and Trucks

    20% of traffic

  • Taxi & Rideshare

    Passapp,Grab,TukTuks, & Taxi

  • Taxi/Rideshare Cost

    $3.05 USD per 5K (12.5k IDR)

  • Scooter Day Rental Cost

    $12USD (48k KHR)

  • Temperatures

    29 C / 84 F average

  • Dry Season

    April to October

  • Rain Season

    November to March

  • Humidity

    High Levels

  • Attire

    Light and Casual

  • Power

    230v AC Type A,C, & G

  • Local Meals

    $1-5 USD (4K-20K IDR)

  • Western Meal

    $3-15 (12k-60k KHR)

  • Beer

    $2-$5 USD (8k-20k KHR)

  • Artisan Coffee

    $2-3 USD (8k-12K IDR)

  • Sim Card 3.5GB

    $7 USD (28k KHR) month

  • Accommodation per night

    $7-80 USD (28k-320k KHR)

Uber Cambodia Feature Image, Yellow Tuk Tuk

Uber Cambodia? What rideshare options are in Cambodia

Uber Cambodia? So if it’s your first time visiting Cambodia and you are familiar with Uber, you may be wondering if there is Uber in Cambodia. Well the short answer is no, at least not any more. Uber entered the Cambodian market in late 2017 and after 3 months sold

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