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Hello, thank you for stopping by my about me page. 

My name is Anthony, and in May of 2019 I sold my house and almost everything I owned to travel the world fulltime. I previously worked in the film industry in the Art Department for 15 years.

Leaving a job and friends I loved was a difficult choice, but I felt that it was time for me to explore the world. I first got the travel bug when I went to Australia in 2005, and I would often times find myself spending a lot of my income on travel. After reading numerous blogs about digital nomads and seeing how remote work is much more accessible I figured it would be a good time to give it a try.

I had no real plan for how I would accomplish being able to travel fulltime and still make a living while doing so. I figured I would just have to figure it out and be frugal while doing so.

So I made the leap and now here I am with a travel blog, how cliche of me. All jokes aside, it couldn’t have been a better decision. Not that everything is all peachy all the time choosing this lifestyle. Life in general is full of ups and downs, and traveling fulltime is no different. But what I have enjoyed the most is meeting new people and experiencing new places. 

So where am I at currently?

  • Well, to make ends meet I shoot stock photography and stock videos (not very lucrative)
  • Starting to monetize my blog with affiliate marketing and ads (sorry for this but I have to generate money somehow)
  • Joined Workaway so I can start volunteering in exchange for accommodation (Covid-19 has stalled this for now)
  • Seeking any odd job and online freelance work I can get

Thanks for sticking around, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line, subscribe to my newsletter, or hit me up on the social media channels (Links on top menu bar)

P.S. Below you can see my timeline as I will be updating it as things progress.


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