Here’s a list of my current gear I am using. Since I am traveling full time my gear is constantly evolving. I try to strike a balance of having a minimal gear list as I like to travel as light as possible and be nimble. I have even gotten rid of some lens and gimbals to lighten my load.

Below you will find my gear kits separated into different sections. To find out more information on each product you can click the photo. Unless disclosed in my kit, every item list is one I own and personally use.

There are a couple of items that are just suggestions because they would be the newer version of something I already own.

I will also have a kit called “Wish List” which will be a section dedicated to items I wish to purchase when I can afford to. All items in this wish list are items I have spent time doing personnel research on and would buy myself. These of coarse are all based on my own opinion, so I recommend you conduct research to products that might fit your needs best.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We are also affiliates to other companies. This comes at no added cost to you if you click an affiliate link and make a purchase. Please visit the Affiliate Disclaimer to read more about how we use Amazon affiliate links and other affiliates links.

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