Wonderful Indonesia

Indonesia is a magical country of more than 17,000 islands. Adorned with vast jungles, beautiful volcanic mountains, waterfalls and jaw-dropping beaches will please any type of traveller. Even though Indonesia is a popular tourist destination for many, it still remains inexpensive compared to many western destinations. Fit for both the budget backpacker or the romantic newlyweds Indonesia has many remote pockets to explore. Bali, Nusa Island, Gili Island, and Lombok are still by far the most popular areas for tourist. However there are many other less explored areas like East Java, Yogyakarta, Sumatra and Island of Flores to name a few.

Indonesia Quick Information

  • Currency

    Indonesian Rupiah

  • Launguge

    Bahasa Indonesia

  • Population

    267.7 million

  • English Speaking

    2 out of 10

  • LGBT Friendly?

    Bali Yes,other parts less

  • Internet Speeds

    19.79 Mbps Low Speeds

  • Visa

    Visa on arrival for 169 countries

  • Cars & Motorbikes

    Cars 40% Motorbikes 40%

  • Bus and Trucks

    20% of traffic

  • Taxi & Rideshare


  • Taxi/Rideshare Cost

    $2 USD per 5K (27k IDR)

  • Scooter Day Rental Cost

    $2.50-$4USD (30k-50k IDR)

  • Temperatures

    29 C / 84 F average

  • Dry Season

    April to October

  • Rain Season

    November to March

  • Humidity

    High Levels

  • Attire

    Light and Casual

  • Power

    220v AC Type C & Type F, Two round prongs

  • Local Meals

    $2-6 USD (31K-85K IDR)

  • Western Meal

    $4.50-10.60 (65k-150k IDR)

  • Beer

    $1.5-$6 USD (18k-85k IDR)

  • Artisan Coffee

    $2.15-3.20 USD (30k-45K IDR)

  • Sim Card 12GB

    $6 USD (85k IDR) month

  • Accommodation per night

    $10-50 USD (141k-705k IDR)

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Background Image from high angle overlooking beautiful aqua beach with white sand.

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