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Vietnam borders the East side of the mainland South Asian Countries and borders China to the South. Explore the dynamic terrain to the North to experience the mountain village cultures and witness the breathtaking scenery. Venture to Sapa to see gorgeous rice field terraces or wake up on a cruise boat in Ha Long Bay. From the mega cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to small fishing villages of the Mekong Delta Vietnam has endless possibilities of exploration. Popular areas are Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Ha Giang, Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Dalat, Ninh Binh and Ho Chi Minh City. But there are many other off the beaten path areas to explore.

Vietnam Quick Information

  • Currency

    Vietnam Dong

  • Launguge


  • Population

    95.5 million

  • English Speaking

    5.3 out of 10

  • LGBT Friendly?

    Very Friendly

  • Internet Speeds

    52 Mbps Good Speeds

  • Visa

    Visa required for most countries

  • Cars & Motorbikes

    Cars 40% Motorbikes 40%

  • Bus and Trucks

    20% of traffic

  • Taxi & Rideshare

    Grab & Metered

  • Taxi/Rideshare Cost

    $3.23 USD per 5K (75K VND)

  • Scooter Day Rental Cost

    $2.50-$4USD (100k-150k VND)

  • Temperatures

    21 C / 70 F average

  • Dry Season

    November to April

  • Rain Season

    May to October

  • Humidity

    Mid-High Levels

  • Attire


  • Power

    220v AC Type A,C & Type F

  • Local Meals

    $0.65-3.44 USD (15K-80K VND)

  • Western Meal

    $4.31-8.61 (100k-200k VND)

  • Pizza Slice

    $0.17-$4.31 USD (4k-100k VND)

  • Artisan Coffee

    $1.30-6 USD (30k-140K VND)

  • Sim Card 5GB

    $5.17 USD (120k VND) month

  • Accommodation per night

    $16-50 USD (139k-1.1M VND)

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